Concrete Surface Preparation Services in Phoenix Arizona

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    For concrete surface preparation services in Arizona, we are the flooring contractors preferred choice. We offer glue removal, grout removal, floor leveling, etching, scoring, scraping, shot blasting, scarification, polishing, and other concrete surface preparation services in Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona and all throughout Arizona. We can handle anything including garage floors, driveways, airplane hangers, warehouses, retail businesses, restaurants, and more.

    With Our Experience

    With over 1 million square feet of concrete surface preparation experience there isn’t a situation that we encountered that we didn’t solve for any of our commercial contractors or residential customers in nearly a decade.

    and Our Equipment

    With “Bertha”‘s hybrid dust extraction system your work environment remains virtually dust free while the surface are being prepared for proper bonding between the concrete and the hardwood, tile, marble, or coating installation.

    Save Your Time & Money

    You don’t need to use your crucial resources on labor intensive surface preparation or tedious clean-up when we have a highly efficient crew that will be in and out of your location within a few hours.

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    What Clients are Saying

    Thanks so much for the quality job you and your staff did on our driveway and walkway! The finished product is BEAUTIFUL. Your references of other people on other problems with our yard were appreciated, also. You are the kind of person that tries to SOLVE PROBLEMS, not just get jobs…very professional. We are happy to recommend your services to anyone looking for a top-quality coating solution for their garage, patio, etc.
    Darlene and Wayne, Prescott Arizona
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    Concrete Floor Preparation Done Right

    Classic Garage specializes in concrete preparation. It is crucial that your concrete floors are properly prepared for the hardwood flooring, tile, marble, epoxy, or polyurethane coating that will be applied to it.

    It’s all in the preparation.

    Year after year, we take special care in preparing our residential and commercial customer’s concrete surfaces. We have prepared concrete for aircraft hangers, large warehouses, industrial facilities, residential homes, retail store fronts.

    Because we have prepared more than 1 million square feet of concrete, we have a tremendous wealth of experience.

    Classic Garage Inc., uses state of the art equipment and technology in all of our concrete preparation work. Our machine “Bertha” is a 600 pound beast that uses special diamond encrusted pads which when being run across your floors at various speeds properly prepares your floors for successful adhesion of the new surface.

    Because we create a virtually dust free environment during the process, there’s no need to hire a costly cleaning service to follow-up after our work since there’s no dust or dirt that’s needed to be cleaned.

    During the concrete preparation process your concrete is “salt and peppered”, which means we remove approximately 1/32nd of surface material opening up the pores to the floor so that we can marry, bond, and weld our coatings to the floor.

    We don’t paste it on, we don’t brush it on. We marry it to the concrete substrate.

    Classic Garage offers concrete services including: leveling, profiling, scoring, scraping, etching, shot blasting, and polishing for our customers.

    We will assure you the highest quality in concrete preparation.

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