Prescott / Phoenix Concrete Metallic Coating Systems for Garages, Patios, Driveways, Commercial Spaces

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We are a Veteran owned and operated company

(928) 308-9477 / ROC #240029

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We offer an array of concrete coating systems and restoration programs

Metallic Coatings

Pearlescent Metallic 100% solids epoxy coatings appear 3D and create a stunning appearance. No two floors will ever look alike and will create an illusion of depth and dimension.

Concrete Preparation

Glue removal, grout removal, floor leveling, etching, scoring, scraping, shot blasting, scarification, polishing, and other concrete floor preparation services in Phoenix and Prescott

Sealed Pavers

We use the very best product to seal pavers which will prevent tire marks, oil stains and give the pavers brilliant look bringing out the true beauty of the pavers for years.

Commercial Projects

Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, aircraft hangers, hallways and lobbies and other large square footage projects are developed to your specific needs.

Interior Spaces

Floor coatings applied in your home transform basements into more attractive and desirable living spaces. Countertop surfaces and other interior surfaces can be treated.

Tennis Courts

The elements and heavy usage of tennis courts can heavily damage, chip, and deteriorate their surfaces. We serve clients who have needed their tennis courts fully resurfaced.

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Concrete Preparation Done Right

It all begins with a properly prepared surface

It is crucial that your concrete floors are properly prepared for the hardwood flooring, tile, marble, epoxy, or polyurethane coating that will be applied to it.

It's all in the preparation.

Year after year, we take special care in preparing our residential and commercial customer's concrete surfaces. We have prepared concrete for aircraft hangers, large warehouses, industrial facilities, residential homes, retail store fronts in Prescott and Phoenix Arizona.

Because we have prepared more than 1 million square feet of concrete, we have a tremendous wealth of experience.

Classic Garage Inc., uses state of the art equipment and technology in all of our concrete preparation work. Our machine "Bertha" is a 600 pound beast that uses special diamond encrusted pads which when being run across your floors at various speeds properly prepares your floors for successful adhesion of the new surface.

Because we create a virtually dust free environment during the process, there's no need to hire a costly cleaning service to follow-up after our work since there's no dust or dirt that's needed to be cleaned.

During the concrete preparation process your concrete is “salt and peppered”, which means we remove approximately 1/32nd of surface material opening up the pores to the floor so that we can marry, bond, and weld our coatings to the floor.

We don't paste it on, we don't brush it on. We marry it to the concrete substrate.

Classic Garage offers concrete services including: leveling, profiling, scoring, scraping, etching, shot blasting, and polishing for our customers.

We will assure you the highest quality in concrete preparation.

Our Client Work
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project manager

Don Rea


" Over a decade ago I decided to offer clients a level of quality service and products that they have grown to expect from Classic Floors. As a result we now offer products and services that leave them amazed and coming back for more. I wouldn't have it any other way. "

As a life long entreprenuer and business owner, Don Rea has always strived to offer the best quality service and products in his businesses. In 2007 he developed Classic Floors, a company designed to serve a class of client who wants superior upgrades to their home or commercial property. Transforming ordinary concrete surfaces into beautiful works of art which function as spectacular as they appear.

We are a Veteran owned and operated company

(928) 308-9477 / ROC #240029

(928) 308-9477 / ROC #240029

About Classic Floors

Applying our signature Classic Floor coatings for clients in Prescott, Phoenix, and throughout Arizona has resulted in turning garages, driveways, walkways, facilities, and aircraft hangers into a showplace.

No more messy oil stains or unsightly cracked surfaces. Metallic floor coatings are not ordinary and do not compare to a standard garage floor coating as we know them. They are the latest and the greatest in epoxy coatings and we have the experience to do the work right.

We've sealed pavers for Prescott homeowners giving their property a beautiful appearance and protection from the elements that lasts for years.

Our Client Work

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